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What are coins

Challenge coins are mostly round shaped but it is not always a necessity. Shield shapes, hexagones or other shapes are possible. Even cut-out coins can be made. They are all made of brass. The appearance can be changed in silver, bronze or gold color by plating. Most challenge coins have a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. The frontside of the coin is fit with a logo, the backside can be fit to one owns creativity. An often used option for the backside is the heraldic arm of the city where the club or association is located.The rings on the coin make it possible to show texts, motto, or slogans. These texts are made in gold- nickel- or brass colored raised metal on the background color of the coin. In special occasions the outside edge has the possibility to engrave an extra text. Most orders we receive are 50 mm coins with a thickness of 3,5 mm. These 50 mm coins are used as a gift for special occasions (reunions, relationsship gifts ect.)

As mentioned in HISTORY a challenge coin is above all a 'Sign of Unity'. Your creativity is unlimited and that is also in coin designs. Even a photo coin is possible whereby the coin is protected with a special epoxy layer. Some coins can be produced in 3D. At last their is the possibility to have each coin numbered to make it even more unique and personel.


Challenge Coins
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