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How to order

Your creativity is leading. Send the basic idea's of your coin to infoccoins@gmail.com It is also not a problem to send only your logo, rough drawing or photo to Challenge Coins and we will make a design without any costs. In a couple of days you will receive a perfect design of your coin. As long as you are not satisfied we will (free) redesign to come to a perfect result. After your confirmation you will receive an official offer still without any engagement. Only when your are 100% satisfied with the results you give the order and the production will start. It takes approximately seven weeks to complete the production. A normal order is 100 pieces but also 50, 10 or even 1 single coin is possible. Be aware that the price per coin rizes correspondingly ordering less than 100 pieces because of the (big) die that must be made for each design. Challenge Coins is and will remain the cheapest producer of coins in Europe.


Challenge Coins
Fortlaan 29, 7325 ZN Apeldoorn
Telefoon 06-50404449

KvK 50831224
BTWnr. NL071768853B01